Craig's Story:

My desire to join the Feeding Dreams team on their 2nd annual fund raising bike ride are many & varied.

Paul Williamson is one of my dear friends whose can do nature & genuine want to help others in the world is both inspiring & highlights the benefits anyone on the planet can enjoy by taking some time out to support others. His daughter Emily, like her father is an incredible person as we all know, with the passion she has for her chosen vocation & the tireless work she carries out for Feeding Dreams.

So for me having never been to the stunning country of Cambodia, joining a father & daughter team who are dear friends & a host of others, all united for the one cause, sounded like a no brainier & a hell of a lot of fun!

Hopefully as I start to prepare for the ride early next year, my good friend John Ioannou will ensure that I’m bike fit come January ’19!


Target: AUD$6,500

AUD$8,082.62 Raised


Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
Anonymous 18/09/18 $2,500.00 ....Start training Shearnie,Good luck!!
Andrew Keleher 11/12/18 $250.00 Well done Shearney. Amazing effort. This will be life changing for you and a perfect time in your life. Try not to fall too far behind the pack
Nicholas Carah 11/12/18 $100.00 great work mate, enjoy.
Daniel O'Regan 11/12/18 $50.00
Marcus Kassab 11/12/18 $5.00 My donation is in support of Craig Shearn making it to the finish line. Best of Luck to all riders.
Campbell Ward 12/12/18 $50.00 all the best!
Eric Brown 12/12/18 $50.00 It's been great working with you Craig. All the best with this project !!
Marie Arthur 12/12/18 $20.00
Richard Winneke 13/12/18 $100.00 RIDE HARD/GET FIT/HAVE FUN
Paul Polychroniadis 14/12/18 $200.00
Anonymous 17/12/18 $1,000.00 Fundraising
Alexandra Kamberis 17/12/18 $50.00 You can do it!
Sam Rigopoulos 02/01/19 $250.00
Alastair Craig 03/01/19 $100.00
Nick Dowling 09/01/19 $100.00 Enjoy every minute of it mate.
Frances Dempster 09/01/19 $50.00 Go Shearndog you go thing!
Tim Field 09/01/19 $50.00
Marilla Morrey 09/01/19 $100.00
Michael Amarant 09/01/19 $20.00 Go Craig!
Judith Knights 10/01/19 $100.00 go Craig!
Liz Boniello 13/01/19 $50.00 Good luck!
Hamish Adam 14/01/19 $50.00
Brock & Bunty Shearn 15/01/19 $200.00 Great cause - good luck to all
Blacl Door Building 16/01/19 $305.00 S Dog all the way!!
Katherine Adam 16/01/19 $50.00 GO Papa Shearn!
Stephen Mullarkey 16/01/19 $100.00 Get em Shearn doggy dog
Richard Jellis 16/01/19 $500.00 ...go Dons
Con Rossidis 16/01/19 $200.00
Cameron Adam 16/01/19 $200.00 Good luck SDog, don't forget to un-clip.
Greg Cusack 21/01/19 $250.00 Go Shearnie!!
Charles Atkins 24/01/19 $50.00 Outstanding Stuff Mr Shearn - put the pedal to the metal
Kate Fayle 25/01/19 $50.00 thank you for supporting my spirting endeavours over the years. You’re the best! Kate
Olivia Gallo 30/01/19 $50.00
Tim Mannes 03/02/19 $51.38 Go ritchie
Gary Abeywardhana 04/02/19 $20.00 Good Luck Craig
Jellis Craig & Company 06/02/19 $500.00 Fantastic effort Shearnie!
Georgia Goring 05/02/19 $100.00 Fantastic effort Shearnie!
Matthew Maasdijk 06/02/19 $311.14

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