Joe's Story:

Hi , my name is Joe and I am the Volunteer Manager at FDC.

I am a Kiwi that has lived in Cambodia for around 4 &1/2 years now.

I see first hand daily the children that attend our school and know a fair bit about their backgrounds. They come not only from a life of poverty but can also suffer daily exposure to sexual, physical and mental abuse, neglect, malnourishment and generally a seemingly hopeless outlook for their future.

We at FDC can provide the opportunity for them to improve their lives by way of free education and other support projects

The Charity Bike ride for 2019 gives me the opportunity to continue to support the Khmer people by helping to keep the doors open at FDC.

I am looking forward to the challenge of riding 650km along with the training beforehand partly to prove to myself that β€œI still have it” and also to dispel any rumours that I don’t. Having just celebrated my big Six O it’s important to not sit on your bum watching the days go by (unless you are watching the All Blacks beat everyone!).

I will be dedicating this ride to a great mate of mine in NZ that sadly passed away earlier this year. Johnny was an avid mountain bike rider who I know will be following me closely and giving me stick if I don't pull finger!

This one's for you mate.


Target: USD$5,000

USD$4,040.00 Raised


Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
Moira Hill 11/05/18 $38.00 Joe McBride donation bike ride January 2019
Joanne Lee 18/05/18 $38.00 Good luck Joe πŸ™πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš΄β€β™€οΈ
Anonymous 21/08/18 $260.00
Anonymous 24/05/18 $150.00 Good Luck Joe!
Beth & Erica La Rocca 24/05/18 $100.00 Best Of Luck
Cassley Wang 24/05/18 $66.00 Joe Bike Ride
Hana Baiocco 30/05/18 $225.00
Anonymous 31/05/18 $76.00 Good Luck Joe, if I can do it anyone can!
Rob Clifford 01/06/18 $8.00 Good on you legend!
Sarah Thompson 01/06/18 $27.00 Good on you Joe!
Ken and Karen 01/06/18 $67.00 Go hard Joe. Don't forget to place something soft on your seat.
Rob and Sally Walsh 01/06/18 $40.00 Good on you Joe , a great cause
Lyndell Sellars 01/06/18 $38.00
David Hollis 02/06/18 $134.00 A great cause Joe, I know it will all go well, πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
Sally Pointon 05/06/18 $77.00 Old Blokes RULE! Good on you Joe...
Mark Nicholas Addingtonn 07/06/18 $153.00
Nicole & Jean 07/06/18 $417.00 Best of luck mate :) hope you make it past the first 1km!
Monica Addington 07/06/18 $79.00 Best of luck, Joe. Great effort.
David Addington 08/06/18 $152.00 Big effort Joe. Well done.
Glenda Ward 11/06/18 $38.00 Best of Luck Joe xx
Deirdre Trow 13/06/18 $76.00 Go well Joe; do Devonport proud!
Lyndon Family 21/06/18 $370.00 Sensational effort Joe, good on you!!
Vivien Hasler 21/06/18 $74.00 Go Joes!
Glen 25/06/18 $100.00 Paint Your Wagon, Joe!
Tinamarie 25/06/18 $100.00 Pedal party! You go, Joe!
Rhonwen Dewar 01/07/18 $39.00 Awesome cause Joe - looking forward to tracking the ride.
Peter & Marg Culligan 06/07/18 $74.00 Well done Joe, enjoy the ride!
Jody Ches 11/07/18 $111.00 Go Unky Joe, Love Hanna
Sue Strachan 22/07/18 $89.00
Jesse McBride 19/07/18 $39.00 What a guy! Proud of you unc
Kevin & Che Tangney 19/07/18 $74.00 What a drastic way to lose weight!!! Do Rosmini proud and
if anyone can a Kiwi can. Go hard.
Catherine Addington 26/07/18 $371.00 Go Joe - best of luck - drink lots of water!!!!!
Jo Davis 13/08/18 $38.00 Awesome work you are doing Joe X
Maureen Miur 29/08/18 $103.00
Cindy Bryant 11/10/18 $40.00 Go hard my friend. I know John will be on your shoulder the whole way. Xo
Sue Piggot 26/10/18 $70.00

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