John's Story:

Having participated in the inaugural 2018 ride (bragging rights), I have seen first hand the tangible difference we can make to change the lives of these innocent, underprivileged children and their families. (Selfishly, I still think I’m getting the better deal when I see their faces and smiles light up at the simplest act of kindness).

Although I was not a MAMIL, the other riders, the organisation and the support crew made the ride fun (...sore bum aside!!), as well as helping with the fundraising. 

I was absolutely speechless (no mean feat), at the number of family, friends and colleagues who sponsored my ride.... some of whom I had not had contact with for many years. 

All money donated goes directly into paying for basic human needs, particularly education, basic medicine, food, and clean water. 
Importantly, the school environment also provides much needed protection against sexual exploitation and abuse. 
(There endeth the sermon!)

Don’t expect the next person will act. Please donate now. 


Funds Raised

AUD$3,785.00 Raised


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Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
Eileen Berry 01/07/18 $50.00
Corporate Fitout Solutions 15/08/18 $100.00
Jordy Van Der Pijll 11/09/18 $100.00 I want to be like John when I grow up. See you at the finish line.
John Pikines 14/09/18 $50.00 We are with you in spirit
Gordon & Jennifer Ferreria 27/09/18 $50.00 Well done John.
Joe Casauria 28/09/18 $200.00 Here we go again all that training, to get you there.
Jonathan Mickleburgh 19/10/18 $61.00
Ralph O’Grady 24/10/18 $100.00
Anonymous 06/11/18 $750.00
Tina Nikolakopoulos 07/11/18 $50.00 Very proud of what your doing, keep it up and wishing
you and the team a successful Ride
Alison Rayner 13/11/18 $100.00 A Beaut Bloke doing a ripper job for the kids.
Keep up that peddling Johnny.
Katrina Theophanous 19/11/18 $40.00
Mary Kyriazis 29/11/18 $100.00 Good luck John.
Grasshopper Adventures 06/12/18 $34.00
Marie Rajic 13/12/18 $200.00 Good on you John! We’ll be there with banners and bum cream! 🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan Ioannou 13/12/18 $250.00 Good luck Papu. Love, Violet
Glen Coutinho 19/12/18 $100.00
Thea Poynton 03/01/19 $100.00
Gregory Polkinghorne 08/01/19 $100.00
Stephen McKenzie 14/01/19 $50.00 play golf like you distance ride, John, and I'll be quaking in my boots on the first tee in a few weeks!
Carlo Costa 16/01/19 $50.00 Well done once again, best of luck!
TRPSGroup (ABN 50 159 533 114)/td> 17/01/19 $1,000.00
June and Andrew Evans 77/01/19 $50.00