Julie's Story:

Simply put; last year I took a trip that changed me. It made me want to be better, to do better. Cambodia's tragic history came as a shock to me and it should not have. We all should know of the genocide that eradicated almost a third of Cambodia's population. It didn't happen 500 years ago, not 100 years ago but in the 1970's, I would have been about 9. 

The true beauty of Cambodia is in her people, their resilience and their courage. The best way to ensure the self sustaining future of Cambodia is to feed and educate her children. If you ever travel there, you will know what I mean. Like me, you will want to wrap the entire county in a big bear hug and tell them that you are going to help make things better. 

So, I'm throwing caution, and perhaps sanity, to the wind and have signed up for this bike ride. 650 km across dusty, pothole filled roads in the intense heat and humidity of Cambodia, to raise money and awareness for such an amazing cause. Though I don't know anyone else personally that will be on this ride, I do know that we will all be family by the end of the ride. Like all families I'm sure we will laugh, cry and perhaps mutter the odd curse word after sinking to the depths of another butt wrenching pothole. 

While we can't all participate in a mad bike ride, we can all contribute through donation and/or spreading the word. Thank you all so much for your support to me and the rest of the crew at Feeding Dreams Cambodia.

Target: CAD$6,700

CAD$1,479.00 Raised

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