Mark's Story:

I have been invited to participate in this yearโ€™s bike ride after friends did the inaugural charity ride last year.

Feeding Dreams charity bike ride is firstly a goal for fundraising for under privileged children in Cambodia. The charity is a feel good story of Australians helping out abroad since 2007.

Being retired from the Building Industry and having visited third world countries I know the desire to help goes a long way over there. 

Feeding Dreams runs a school at Siem Reap and all donations will assist with supporting poor and destitute children and families.

Also involved is my desire to cycle 650 kms in Cambodia through remote areas to raise funds for this cause. Your help will go a long way providing schooling, food ,medical help and clothing at critical times for the poor.

All the best.



Target: AUD$6,500

AUD$8,362.38 Raised


Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
Prime Mystery Shopping 02/07/18 $100.00 Great effort Mark. See if you can get Big Kev to join you
Russ Robertson 03/07/18 $500.00 With good people like yourself doing something there
is always hope for a better future for all of us
Brendan O'Donnell 03/07/18 $60.00
Jeff Hourigan 03/07/18 $50.00 Make sure that Mark Hazelwood rides hard,
all day, every day. accept NO EXCUSES
Diana Wolfe 03/07/18 $20.00 Hi Mark and team, go you good things! Love, Diana
Christian Beltrame 04/07/18 $100.00 GOOD LUCK!
RCB Advisors 04/07/18 $250.00 Good on you Mark and all the best!
Debbie Taylor 05/07/18 $100.00 Congratulations Mark on your commitment to such
a worthwhile cause.
James Hazelwood 06/07/18 $200.00 Have a beer for Haylee and I at every pit stop
Alfonsa Fuller 09/07/18 $50.00 Goodluck
Helen Opie 09/07/18 $100.00 Good work Mark. You will enjoy it.
Carmel Scott 09/07/18 $100.00 Great effort Mark. Enjoy!
Margaret Wilson 13/07/18 $100.00
Paul Hazelwood 15/07/18 $100.00 Take it slow
Katelyn Milstein 16/10/18 $200.00 Go Big Hero!!
Kevin Witham 18/10/18 $100.00 Love to join you Mark but coming out of retirement sees
me too busy at the moment. Watch those windy roads!
Red Island Pty Ltd 12/11/18 $500.00
Trinity Plumbing & gasfitting 12/11/18 $327.00 No Lycra!
Grasshopper Adventures 06/12/18 $34.00
Ross Opie 26/12/18 $250.00
Peter Tratt 27/12/18 $100.00
Janine Hazelwood 27/12/18 $1,000.00
Jo Harrison 28/12/18 $100.00 Well done Mark, great cause and we wish you all the best, Jo & Matty x
Robert Broomhead 28/12/18 $50.00 May the Blues inspire you to keep riding mate
Lucy Jones 28/12/18 $50.00 Well done Mark!!
Susan Harrison 28/12/18 $50.00
Judi Minett 29/12/18 $100.00 great cause, pedal hard
Annie Opie 29/12/18 $30.00 Good luck Mark ๐Ÿ’—
Michael Forward 29/12/18 $100.00 All the best Mate and well done .Your doing a great Deed
Morris Milstein 29/12/18 $250.00
Stephen Ford 30/12/18 $50.00 Good on you Mark
Michael McBride 30/12/18 $500.00 All the best. Keep an eye out for those potholes!!
Kevin Opie 31/12/18 $150.00
Myles Milosevic 31/12/18 $60.00 Good on ya Mark!
Charlie Opie 01/01/19 $50.00 Mark my friend
Cash industries 01/01/19 $250.00
Damian Clarke 02/01/19 $250.00 Good on you for doing what you are doing.
Paul Robinson 02/01/19 $200.00
Richard & Ineke Pike 03/01/19 $100.00 Enjoy the ride, scenery and people. Have a great timer. Watch out for any maggies.
Tom Pounde 03/01/19 $100.00
Andrew Setyana 03/01/19 $80.00 Good luck Mark!!
Diane Hancock 03/01/19 $100.00
Ben Arnold 03/01/19 $100.00 Good luck Mark.
Sue Wilton 03/01/19 $100.00
Dominique Cavallo 03/01/19 $50.00
Sally Parrot 03/01/19 $50.00
Robert Bangay 05/01/19 $51.38
Pat Campbell 11/01/19 $100.00 Don't fall off
Alan and Roz Richards 16/01/19 $50.00
Ian Stevenson 25/01/19 $250.00
John Hazelwood 27/01/19 $100.00
Tony Pote 30/01/19 $50.00 Good luck R and T
Adam Schreurs 05/02/19 $50.00 Go mark!
Golden Cleaning Services 06/02/19 $100.00

Please note:

Donations to riders will be manually updated onto the website at least once weekly. If after this time, your contribution does not appear, please email:

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