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On yer bike… for a great cause
The Local, 
05th November, 2018

A group of five East Trentham friends, some who have literally not ridden a bike since school days, are training for a 650-kilometer Cambodian charity bycicle ride to raise funds to help feed and educate Cambodian children.


Trentham local leads riders on path to feed dreams in Cambodia
The Courier, 
25th April, 2018

LEADING cyclists through villages untouched by tourism, Trentham’s Emily Williamson could show Cambodia in its rawest form.


Charity Bike Ride is Feeding Dreams in Cambodia,
6th March, 2018

14 riders from around the world rode more than 650 kilometres through Cambodia aiming to raise more than $55,000 for Feeding Dreams NGO in Siem Reap.

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On yer bike for Cambodia
The Andersonstown News,
8th July 2017

Once-in-a-lifetime trip for school says Arlene

AN ANDERSONSTOWN woman who went to Cambodia five years ago with a dream of setting up a charity to support impoverished young people, is encouraging locals to join her in a fundraising cycle through the South-East Asian country next year.


Ride to feed dreams
The Courier,
13th Jun 2017

EMILY Williamson was riding in a charity fundraising tour through Thailand when the ideas started to form how she could adapt the concept in Cambodia.

The Trentham local mapped out a course and has launched a 650-kilometre bike ride for charity organisation Feeding Dreams Cambodia, for which she works in Siem Reap.

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Saddle up to help these kids in need
TRAVELtalk Magazine Australia,
July 2017

Feeding Dreams Cambodia (FDC), an Australian operated grassroots charity, has launched a unique international fundraiser. The event will see participants from across the globe come together to ride more than 650 kilometres across Cambodia, each dedicated to the challenge of raising $6,500 for the charity.


Cycle Cambodia for a cause
Swinburne Knowing,
22nd June 2017

When I first wrote for Knowing, I had just commenced my professional placement at Feeding Dreams Cambodia (FDC), a grass-roots Australian non-government organisation (NGO). I was nervous, out of my depth and had no idea where the experience was going to take me.

I never would have envisaged that ten months on, I would be solely responsible for planning, launching and marketing my own international fundraiser for the charity. 

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Emily driving change for kids in Cambodia
The Local News,
July 3rd 2017

Donna: Why Cambodia?
Emily: I first went to Cambodia when I was 18, I was travelling and was completely unaware of the poverty and rampant starvation through the country. I revisited as a 21-year-old, this was when I first visited FDC.