Megan & Lani's Story:

After collectively living in Cambodia for 6 years we couldn't pass the opportunity to give back to the country that gave us so much.

Cambodia has a special place in our hearts and we we are thrilled to be participating in this 650km bike ride challenge. We love the people and the culture and are excited for the opportunity to make a long-lasting impact in the lives of so many.

We have both seen first hand the ongoing devastating effects of the Khmer Rouge genocide on the beautiful Cambodian people. Poverty is widespread and the majority of children and parents are struggling to survive. Many live under makeshift huts made out of scrap metal, and earn less than a few dollars a day collecting rubbish for a living. 

Knowing how privileged we have been in life, and seeing first hand the positive and effective outcomes delivered by Feeding Dreams, we knew this was something we had to do.

Please SPONSOR us, every contribution large or small stretches so far in Cambodia. Help us reach our goal for a cause so close to our hearts!


Target: AUD$13,000

AUD$14,821.00 Raised


Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
Anonymous 30/07/18 $500.00
Anonymous 31/07/18 $200.00
Suzanne (MUM) Moreau 31/07/18 $176.00 Couldn't imagine two better people to represent such a great
cause!! have fun you little champions - mum loves you xo
Dayle Dunshea 31/07/18 $50.00 good luck, I’m sure you’ll smash it (don’t forget to properly train)
Rhys Burke 02/08/18 $100.00 *do Sri Lankan cricket proud* ps. Uncle Tim is still scared
Tara Vincent 03/08/18 $53.00 You got this girrrrrls
Cher Terry 03/08/18 $53.00 You go girls
Christine Bailey 07/08/18 $175.00 Christine Bailey
Harriet Foden 11/08/18 $175.00 Good luck gals! I'm sure you'll smash it! Xxxx
Daniel Toursouni 14/08/18 $175.00
Stephen Johnstone 21/08/18 $88.00 Good Luck, Megan no dancing on tables and don't hurt your ankle.
Richard Walsh 26/08/18 $100.00 Go Meeg’s you freakin’ legend!!” xx
Stepehn & Lisa Sells 03/09/18 $500.00
Lance Muddiman 03/09/18 $100.00 Go lanoski you can do it, may the wind blow you on
Sarah & Mark Hazzard 06/09/18 $100.00
Andy Pollcok 09/09/18 $200.00 Farm Fundraiser
Francis Moran 13/09/18 $20.00
Patrick Eastman 15/09/18 $20.00
Linsey Mcmillan 16/09/18 $175.00 Farm Fundraiser
Rebecca Cowley 16/09/18 $50.00
Kim O'Brien 20/09/18 $50.00 Peddle those little legs off girl! Such a great cause. Good Luck!xx
Alain André Moreau 20/09/18 $90.00 Two brave hearts, Megan & Lani, Godspeed!
Amy Williamson 26/09/18 $175.00 Farm Fundraiser
Cameron Lewis 28/09/18 $50.00
Kerryn Sells 02/10/18 $100.00 Good luck Megan Sells. So proud of you ! Love Kez xx
Alice Eastman 03/10/18 $20.00 proud of you girls!
Alice Eastman 03/10/18 $20.00
Jenny Sells 03/10/18 $100.00 Good luck girls, great job!
Stephanie Harper 03/10/18 $25.00 Go girlssss
Felicity Cullen 04/10/18 $125.00 Farm Fundraiser
Emma Patey 05/10/18 $50.00
Webmere Pty Ltd 05/10/18 $1,000.00
Thomas Alexander Jeffries 08/10/18 $175.00 Farm Fundraiser
Robbie Connell 09/10/18 $125.00 Farm Fundraiser
Fran Ioannidis 10/10/18 $125.00 Farm Fundraiser
Carpets By Design 10/10/18 $250.00 Go Lani!
Liam Kennett 13/10/18 $125.00 Farm Fundraiser
Lydia Ioannidis 13/10/18 $125.00 Farm Fundraiser
Melanie Ioannidis 13/10/18 $125.00 Farm Fundraiser
Venessa & tash Robinson 22/10/18 $100.00 Farm Fundraiser
Sophie Kennedy-Rush 27/10/18 $200.00
Alice Eastman 03/11/18 $20.00
Jordan Braim 09/11/18 $350.00 Farm Fundraiser
Shane Riordan 13/11/18 $50.00
Megan & Lani 15/11/18 $2,000.00 Cash donations fundraising
Jen Tucker 20/11/18 $20.00 Goodluck ladies!
Stuie 26/11/18 $50.00
Cash Donations 28/11/18 $650.00
Alice Eastman 03/12/18 $20.00
Grasshopper Adventures 04/12/18 $68.00
Martin Pavlik 07/12/18 $50.00 Go hard Lani
Alice Eastman 03/12/18 $20.00
Danielle Kett 04/12/18 $30.00 Peddle hard girls!! Best of luck to you both, I’m sure you will smash it!!! Xx
Matias Suopanki 05/01/19 $26.00 Good luck! :)
Steve Rogers 05/01/19 $51.00 Amazing work girls! Smash it like you smashed Funky’s, Megan ;-)
Phillip Wright 08/01/19 $150.00
Paris Crosbie 08/01/19 $100.00
Dennis Gustafson 10/01/19 $50.00 Go Girls
Anonymous 15/01/19 $35.00 Such an amazing thing you guys are doing! Absolutely smash it!! X
Elizabeth O'Mara 16/01/19 $100.00
Danielle Clark 19/01/19 $90.00 I wish I could give more to the best people for the best cause
Erin Hayes 21/01/19 $45.00 Cheering for you Lani!!! So excited for you - and you've already got me feeling inspired to do this in the future one day myself!!
Michael Breslin 18/12/18 $100.00 Go hard Lani
Brad Gardner 22/01/19 $100.00
Colleen Whyte 22/01/19 $50.00
Todd Robertson 22/01/19 $100.00 “why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was too tired” fattymidgetlegs ❤️
Erin Hayes 22/01/19 $46.00 Cheering for you Lani!!! So excited for you - and you've already got me feeling inspired to do this in the future one day myself!!
Ali Donovan (Sam's mum) 23/01/19 $55.00 Big heart, beautiful girl, cycle safely and I'll see you for coffee and the story soon! Good on YOU!
Samuel Kitchen 25/01/19 $50.00 Real women ride men
James Whelan 01/02/19 $20.00
Josie Maher 01/02/19 $20.00
Kathryn Deller 01/02/19 $50.00
Google Matching 07/02/19 $4,000.00

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