Roeun's Story:

This past February, 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Roeun at Feeding Dreams Cambodia in association with the tour group Bamboo.  I was part of a 15 person group of people from all over the world.  Fourteen women and one husband!  We started out as strangers and ended up as friends who call ourselves "Richard and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Elephant Pants". 

In order to continue supporting Feeding Dreams Cambodia from Canada, England and the United States, we have asked Roeun to participate in the 2019 Charity Bike Ride as our virtual rider.  We will sponsor Roeun to ride on our behalf.  Although we can not be there in person, we will be there in spirit cheering him on. 

On behalf of the team (Richard, Suszanne, Maria, Nada, Julie, Jolynn, Joan, Robin, Diane, Kelly, Deborah, Marion, Adrienne, Lisa and Lori), Thank you for supporting Roeun. 

Target: USD$5,000

USD$8,075.50 Raised


Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
Marion Pulse 03/05/18 $50.00
Kelly Flowers 03/05/18 $20.00
Small Change Matters 30/05/18 $2,500.00
Suszanne Oxley 31/05/18 $78.00 Rouen your heart is big and your commitment is strong!!
Danielle Hards 06/06/18 $77.00 You are such a beautiful soul. Enjoy the ride.
Elizabeth Triggs 06/06/18 $77.00 We met Roeun as part of Bamboo Mar 23/18...
Scott P Nicholson 06/06/18 $19.00 Good luck Roeun!! Great cause!!
Pam Smith 06/06/18 $19.00 Roeun, you are truly an incredible young man.....
Aly Nedza 06/06/18 $41.00 Best of luck you lovely man! Fabulous cause xxxx
Evelyn Williames 08/06/18 $76.00
Muzeyyen Kucukbalaban 12/06/18 $67.00 You are doing a lot for Cambodia’s children...
Kim Grego 12/06/18 $67.00 ជំរាបសួរ!! I met you at Elma School last November...
Esther Wolkowitz 13/06/18 $100.00
Terry & Scott Nicholson 28/06/18 $19.00 Good luck Rouen!!
Cheow Tan-Babcock 01/07/18 $25.00
Virginia 26/07/18 $26.00 Roeun, you are a truly inspirational young man
and I wish you all the luck in the world.
Julse Kropp 07/08/18 $90.00 best of luck to all. Another great effort Roeun!
Fiona Garton 06/09/18 $130.00 Roeun, wishing you love and happiness and success
in everything you do xx
Gayle Murray 26/10/18 $35.00 I would like to sponsor Roeun who will riding in this event in January.!
Had the pleasure to meet this amazing man whist in Cambodia.
He has a huge heart and many dreams that I know he will achieve
Bamboo Cafe 13/12/18 $65.50 Go Roeun, good luck with the ride.
Dawn Williams 13/01/19 $75.00
Nancie Mleczko 13/01/19 $30.00 Never stop believing! You got This!
Karen Weed 13/01/19 $49.00
Shelley Moroz 13/01/19 $75.00 Supporting you all the way, Roeun!
Therese Cornwell 13/01/19 $38.00 You’re an amazing young man Roeun.
Elise Harper 13/01/19 $38.00 650K! Holy crap, Roeun!
Sally Duffy 13/01/19 $38.00 Rouen YOU ROCK!!! Miss you and your smile!
Melissa Walden 13/01/19 $64.00 Wish I could do this with you but I’m going to let your legs do all the work! Great achievement
Debbie Simms 13/01/19 $26.00 Good for you Roeun x good luck I’m sure you will do well . Pack plenty of sweets to keep you going x from Debbie one of the oldies group
Sandra Silenti 13/01/19 $26.00 You have such an incredible soul and the biggest heart I wish I could donate so much more you are an inspiration to all
Jay Dulai 13/01/19 $26.00 Rouen you are an inspiring, compassionate and thoughtful man. Thank you for caring so much for the beautiful children in Cambodia.
Kate Coulson 13/01/19 $26.00 Roeun, you are truly inspirational. So happy to have met you at Feeding Dreams. Go, Roeun!!
Sara Phillips 13/01/19 $26.00
Helen Greenwood 13/01/19 $64.00 Brilliantly well done again Roeun, you are such an amazing guy x
Carol Lamkin 13/01/19 $26.00 Good luck and sending hugs to you and everyone at feeding dreams. Loved every minute of my time there.
Ms. Michelle Fairfield 14/01/19 $151.00 Roeun, you're an outstanding human being with the heart, passion and drive to help build a better future through those beautiful children!
Beatrice Andrews 14/01/19 $45.00 Rouen- you are one of the most passionate people I know. You make this world a better place. You really are amazing. Best of luck
Jonty Sleep 14/01/19 $18.00
Lisa Lint 14/01/19 $38.00 Thank you Roeun, for all your caring and support for all these beautiful children? Lisa L, From (USA)
Cindy Grubbs 14/01/19 $38.00 I’m honored to have met you Rouen! You are an amazing young man and a true ambassador for feedingdreams. Wishing you the best!
Carol Thorlacius 14/01/19 $38.00 Good luck! You’re doing a wonderful job??
Tanya Beown 17/01/19 $19.00
Jolynn Lacasse 19/01/19 $490.00 Hi Roeun! Thank you for riding for us!! Looking forward to seeing you next Feb in Siem Reap. This will help you to reach your goal. :)
Linda Bacon 19/01/19 $38.00 Go Roeun! Fantastic job!!
Lee-anne Duddy 19/01/19 $26.00 Good luck Roeun! This is an amazing challenge and for such a good cause x
Diane Stroud 19/01/19 $26.00 Wonderful way to support the beautiful children at feeding dreams and the fantastic teachers and staff who make this possible 😃 Go for it Roeun 🚴‍♂️
Anonymous 20/01/19 $38.00 Thanks for making it possible to help.
Every Action Echoes 20/01/19 $113.00
Laura Caffrey 21/01/19 $38.00
Anonymous 21/01/19 $75.00 What a wonderful thing you are doing! Best of luck on the bike ride! Post lots of pictures
Jana Beutler 25/01/19 $19.00 Feed you own dreams too , Roeun
Richard Dawe 22/01/19 $95.00 Ride Roeun Ride!
Kym 25/01/19 $66.00 Hi Roeun i will try raise more when back home. All the best for your good cause. X
Kate Coulson 28/01/19 $26.00 A wonderful fundraiser for a school that has a very special place in my heart. Good luck, Roeun!
Paul Hawthorne 29/01/19 $66.00 Well done guys. Think I’m up for it next year.
Anonymous 29/01/19 $26.00 Feed you own dreams too , Roeun
Diane Rubright 31/01/19 $19.00 Roeun-Rock on! You are doing such great work at the school and in connecting Bamboo to the school! Diane Rubright
Eileen Burd 02/02/19 $65.00 Truly inspirational young man . Good luck and regards to Emily and all the team .
Rebecca Driggers 04/02/19 $49.00 You are amazing Roeun!
Lori Hume 04/02/19 $1,500.00
Bernadette Birmingham 06/02/19 $35.00 Well done Roeun. We're all soooo proud of you.
Jeff Loof 14/02/19 $710.00 Sponsorship of Thai & Rouen for completing the ride.

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