Rose & Steve's Story:

Paul Williamson, our good friend and father of Emily Williamson,  FDC co-ordinator  had coerced yet another mate, or should I say VICTIM,  into the FDC Bike ride for 2019. Name Steve Peirce, aged 55, bike ride experience Nil, Fund-raising ability-never.

Totally unfamiliar to the world of fundraising this bloke has never even sold a raffle ticket, let alone raise $6500 and  ride 650 kms through a foreign land.  So I was gobsmacked he actually put his hand up, no matter how much Paul sugar coated the experience .  

Spontaneous he is not, and thought perhaps a lapse in judgement, as he was caught up in the adventures of never never land, as Paul told the experience of last years ride with such animated enthusiasm.  Riding through  remote villages, untouched by tourism on a very FLAT and easy road, soaking in the scenery and more importantly the warm fuzzy feeling one gets when your swarmed by the children at the end of the ride.  

Steve had donated to FDC previously, but to actually participate in the ride was almost laughable, Bike riders we were not, and we are lucky to ride a few k’s down the road to the local pub to pick up our car.  

I knew for a fact I would be the driving force behind his fundraising, as I have been involved in many charities within Asia and Australia, so while I contemplated  the logistics of this task,  as they were slapping each other on the back, I had a fleeting vision of us riding through the villages together, experiencing first-hand the personal joy of being part of this worthy cause as a team.  Before sense was restored, I found myself caught up in Paul’s enthusiasm and I to spasmodically threw my hand up blurting ‘I’m In’. 

As Paul reiterated many times (he should of been a real estate agent this bloke)  The Ride is easy, the fundraising will be harder,  We reckon it’s  the other way around as 650k in 8 days for novice bike riders is quite frankly frightening. 

 Steve and I have started training, and here in the high country of Trentham there is no flat parts, a benefit for training i guess, but those hills are like riding up Mt Everest. Weather is not on our side either as the winds howl and the frosty morning coverage crunches under your wheels. Though we rug up and ride, rain hail or shine.  


Target: AUD$13,000

AUD$19,659.73 Raised


Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
Ian & Denise Connors 30/08/18 $100.00 Best of luck Rose & Steve!
Anonymous 01/09/18 $100.00
Julie Suter 02/09/18 $50.00 Happy Riding Steve Pierce and Rose Wilson! .
From Robbie Melville & Julie Suter.
Ruby Wilson-Peirce 03/09/18 $50.00 Your Champions, I will join you the year they get electric bikes. x
Anne Moulding 04/09/18 $500.00
Greg Buchanan 06/09/18 $70.00 Rose with lots of luck and grit and determination she can definitely do this!
Richard Cudlipp 06/09/18 $3,000.00 Painting by Artist Rose - proceeds donated to fundraiser.
Col & Matt 29/09/18 $50.00
Lynne Patterson 29/09/18 $100.00 Go Team Rose & Steve!
Justin Long 03/10/18 $500.00
Kim Calhoun 06/10/18 $100.00 Great effort and wonderful cause well done Rose and Steve very proud of you both x
Kymberley Weaks 07/10/18 $10.00
Matt Carmichael 07/10/18 $100.00
Clarrie & Ethel Wilson 10/10/18 $300.00 All the Best, a wonderful experience for a wonderful cause Mum & Dad.
Helen & David Robertson 14/10/18 $100.00 Go Rose and Steve...what a mighty thing to do for a great cause.
Pat Woods 16/10/18 $100.00 You go Girl!!! Steve try and give the others a go up the front, you know you like a challenge.
Westmain Aust 19/10/18 $500.00 Good luck you two a fantastic cause
Tina Lee 19/10/18 $30.00 Such a great thing you guys are doing! An inspiration to our community and beyond.
Wishing you all the best to reach your goal and get fit at the same time
Helen Macdonald 22/10/18 $100.00 Great work, guys - may the hills be small, may your legs be strong and may the wind always be at your backs!
Susie Kilby 31/10/18 $100.00 Susie & Roland wish you both a fabulous ride!
Nicholas Gysberts 04/11/18 $2,850.00 proceeds from Auction - Painting by Rose
The Cosmopolitan Hotel 10/11/18 $200.00 We'll pour you a Prosecco or 2 on your return. Best of luck
Dorne Quinn 13/11/18 $50.00 Go guys great effort :) enjoy x
David & Janine Bryant 19/11/18 $100.00 I don't think you'll meet any wombats in Cambodia so may you ride accident-free!
Path of the Horse 28/11/18 $1,810.73
Rhonda Holcombe 21/12/18 $150.00 YEAH great effort. Happy riding.
Lions Club of Trentham Inc 02/01/19 $8,042.00 Art Raffle
Amelia Suter-Melville 13/01/19 $7.00 Funds from selling handmade Stress Balls
Meg Chignell 13/01/19 $10.00
Louise Otten 13/01/19 $200.00 Dry July Fundraiser
Ashley Rees 13/01/19 $100.00
Wil Lewellan 13/01/19 $50.00
Peter & Jenny McMillan 13/01/19 $150.00 Go Team Steven & Rose
Ri Van Veen 25/01/19 $50.00 Fantastic effort - hoping everyones dreams come true xx Love Ri and Neil

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