Sally & Emma's Story:

If I’m going to be honest, I would have to say that myself, a 15 year old girl, would never of dreamt of contributing to such an unforgettable experience, let alone convincing my mum to come and join me on finishing this amazing journey together! I mean, I haven't really accomplished much in my life compared to everyone else on the team, so this is definitely a big step for me.

A few weeks ago (before my mum and I registered) I was scrolling through my instagram until something caught my eye. My cousin, Emily, posted a video of the Feeding Dreams bike ride saying that people should definitely contribute to this fundraiser, and while I was watching the video, I began to realise how much I needed to do the ride. My family would be with me so it’s not like I’m all alone, and I know that it will make me want to challenge and persist through every bump that comes along the ride, but most of all, having the opportunity to feel like you've done something for a reason, that the money we all raised is going towards the people who really need it most. This fundraiser will help change me into a better person than what I am now. In other words, it will help me grow out of the traditional “lazy phase” if you know what I mean ;)

I would of never thought that my mum and I will be riding through Cambodia together. But we are, and I know that we will cherish and adore every moment of it knowing that all of our donations are contributing to such an amazing cause.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sally and Emma (A.K.A Nuggets)


Target: AUD$13,100

AUD$13,100.00 Raised


Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
The Nixons 29/07/18 $500.00 Good luck to you both and well done on doing
your bit to help
Damian Casamento 19/08/18 $100.00 Good luck - all the Casals from Matlock Street are behind you
Andrew Casamento 24/08/18 $50.00
Jackie Casamento 25/08/18 $50.00 I hope there aren't too many hills. Safe riding to you both. Love.
Paul Casamento 07/10/18 $100.00 What a great thing to do. Well done girls
Kate Casamento 13/11/18 $50.00
Gerard Casamento 13/11/18 $50.00
The Woolard Family 14/11/18 $750.00 When we heard you were embarking on this amazing journey
as mother and daughter we just had to support your efforts.
Adele & Alex Ng 23/11/18 $300.00
Gabrielle Archambault 24/11/18 $310.00 Really happy to support you with your ride and best of luck!
Ladies Luncheon 25/11/18 $1,772.00 Zurich
Anonymous 26/11/18 $1,500.00 Good luck girls, you are both an inspiration.
Andrew Casamento 27/11/18 $200.00
O'Brien Family 10/12/18 $262.00 Go Sally and Emma!!
Kim Yeoman 09/01/19 $300.00 what an amazing adventure you'll have and for such a worthwhile cause - will be thinking of you both!
Andrew Casamento 14/01/19 $300.00
Caroline Darcy 16/01/19 $269.00 Go Emma!!! The Darcy’s will be cheering you all the way. So proud of you ❤️🚲
Simon Casamento 16/01/19 $54.00
School Fundraiser - Zurich 16/01/19 $450.00
School Fundraiser - Zurich 22/01/19 $545.00
Sally Casamento 29/01/19 $5,088.00 Fundraising
Kate Williamson 05/02/19 $100.00 Well done Emma & Sally, what an achievement and a fantastic thing to do for FDC, well done from us! Auntie Kate, Uncle Raph & Louis

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