Tom's Story:

I’m extremely excited to be undertaking this experience again in 2019! The inaugural event was such a great experience that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do it again.

Seeing parts of Cambodia, I would’ve never seen otherwise was a real treat, but the best part was all the ecstatic smiles and millions of “hellos” we received by the welcoming locals along the way. Seeing first hand where these funds were going was enough to make sure I got back on the bike.

Every dollar counts and goes a long way to helping the people of Cambodia, no donation is too small and it really does help put a smile on a face.

Thanks for all your support, it means the world to me.


Funds Raised

AUD$7,090.00 Raised


Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
Lyndon Family 21/06/18 $500.00 Awesome effort with back to back rides. We're all proud of you!
Annie Moulding 19/09/18 $500.00 Go Tom, your a legend 👍.
Michael Cahill 30/09/18 $175.00 Farm Fundraiser
Anonymous 10/10/18 $375.00 Farm Fundraiser
Ben Kasjan 04/10/18 $175.00 Farm Fundraiser
Bryan Lee 05/10/18 $175.00 Farm Fundraiser
Mark OCampo 12/10/18 $200.00 Farm Fundraiser
Benjamin O’Reilly 13/10/18 $250.00 Farm Fundraiser
Joshua Calcagno 14/10/18 $180.00 Farm Fundraiser
REA Group 16/10/18 $200.00 Farm Fundraiser
Mia Gartley 04/11/18 $50.00 Derby Day
Wendy White 04/11/18 $180.00 Derby Day
Harkin Property Pty Ltd 04/11/18 $85.00 Derby Day
Anonymous 07/11/18 $500.00 Go Tom!
Mia Gartley 07/11/18 $50.00 Derby Day
Jill Rivers 17/11/18 $30.00 Derby Day
Jennifer Ryan 20/11/18 $85.00 Derby Day
Trentham Community 29/11/18 $250.00 Mini Raffle
Rhonda Holcombe 29/11/18 $100.00 All the best Thomas, a terrific effort.
Derby Day 24/10/18 $3,030.00

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