During February 2019, we are waiving our volunteer fee for all of our special cyclists and their supporters. As a volunteer you will assist our Khmer Staff in the classrooms, serve daily meals to our kids, and get an overall feel for what our organisation does.

Feeding Dreams educates over 800 students of all ages daily from very poor backgrounds. If you speak fluent English, you can contribute significantly in our classrooms of highly enthusiastic and happy kids. We have a great local Khmer teacher in every classroom who will guide you into assisting and becoming involved with the students. Creativity and interaction is encouraged.

• You may select which age group of children you would prefer to work with; Kinder kids, pre-schoolers, 8 to 12 year olds or teenagers. As a volunteer you will help with teaching English, basic Maths, reading stories, and games

• Help our cooks distribute over 600 meals daily to our students


You can choose to work the morning shift from 8am - 10.30am or the afternoon shift from 2pm - 6pm, or you are welcome to do both.

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Keeping in mind that we are only open on working days (Monday - Friday)