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YES! The Little Chilli is back! Are you crazy! You like to torture yourself don’t you? These are the Qs that I often been asked by my friends and colleagues. Well if you’re there you’ll understand why.

 NO I am not a pro nor I am fit, to be honest I think I am the opposite 😜 Next year will be my 3rd charity bike ride, who would have thought this petite Asian women with little legs can paddle 800kms/8Days in the South Thailand for Hands Across the Water (2016), 8 days trek in the Southern Thailand and last year I rode 650kms from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap with an amazing group of like minded people from across the globe for Feeding Dreams Cambodia Inaugural Ride.   I will retire after this ride, I can hear my sister "ha I will believe when I see it!"

In January I have the privileged of meeting two amazing women – the founders of Feeding Dreams Cambodia, Kerry Huntly and Arlene Gormley. Who unselfishly dedicated their precious time helping the Cambodian community living in the slums of Siem Reap. Provide free educations/ nutritious meals to the children / provide trade training for the youth and the list just goes on.  When you see the work these two women and the FDC team have created. A few days of sore booty, legs, combat the heat, not to mentioned the BUMPY road are nothing compare to what these kids and their families are experiencing. 

I love what I do as I know in my heart that the impact of you my donors have on the lives of these under privileged kids and their families. The opportunity to be educated, trained in the hospitality, and work in some of the prestige hotels in Siem Reap. No donation is too small, your kindness and generosity will go a long way. The funds raised will help to upkeep the schools and provide the necessities to the kids and their families in the slump of Siem Reap. 

Thanking you in advance for donation.

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you
— Princess Diana

Funds Raised

AUD$4,330 Raised


Name: Date: Amount: Comments:
Anonymous 02/04/18 $200.00
Nicole Opacic 15/09/18 $100.00 YOU GO GIRL! Make us proud!
Rapid Transit Consulting 07/09/18 $150.00 Awesome Yen!
Elijana Sugianto 29/09/18 $50.00 "Go Yen"... show me the picture when you got back, ok.. :-)
Anonymous 01/10/18 $80.00
Marilyn McKnight 04/10/18 $20.00
Anonymous 06/11/18 $750.00
Alper Somuncu 11/11/18 $250.00
Jennifer Roberts 15/11/18 $200.00 Good luck Yen! Lots of love The Recruitment Company :-)
Anonymous Anonymous 10/12/18 $600.00 good luck Che.
William Chung 13/12/18 $50.00 Good Luck Yen!
Joanne Lee 13/12/18 $50.00 Good luck Yen! Such a worthy cause! :-)
Stella Tanielu 09/01/19 $50.00 You Go Girrrrrl!!
Kate Hadley 18/01/19 $50.00
Voon Yong 18/01/19 $50.00
Ha Vuong 20/01/19 $100.00
Anonymous 20/01/19 $300.00
Madelyn Kleimeyer 21/01/19 $50.00 Good luck Yen!
Mary Kolokithas 21/01/19 $50.00 Well done
Johanna Hall 25/01/19 $50.00
Yee Leng Teng 25/01/19 $500.00
Yumi Arai 30/01/19 $50.00
Tara Andrews 31/01/19 $30.00 Such a deserving cause, well done and best of luck! :)
Lynn Lapham 10/02/19 $50.00 All the best Yen!
Yee Leng Teng 28/02/19 $500.00 Great job Kai Ma/Aunty Yen! We are proud of you! Love & Kisses, The 3 Munchkins :)

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